What is Wedding Officiant

A wedding officiant is perhaps best known as the person who leads the ceremony. However, that's only part of their job. An officiant, whether secular or religious, works with the couple in the months before the wedding day to craft the ceremony, which may include personal vows, readings, music selections, and more.

The wedding officiant is very critical in a wedding, and the choice of one isn't a small decision. The individual plays an important role in the wedding ceremony, guiding those marrying with their vows. There're many things to an officiant, such as their responsibilities, the different types of officiants and of course, how they become officiants legally. The officiant also needs to file and complete the paperwork after the ceremony for the vital records office and make document copies to be sent to the groom and bride as keepsakes.

The officiant is also a part of the wedding planning process. You might want a personalized wedding ceremony, a unique event. Therefore the individual needs to be alerted to prepare accordingly. Depending on the type of officiant, he/she should be able to incorporate personal tastes and choice of vows, for instance.

How do I help?

My main role and duty is to make your wedding day run smoothly. I will help with submitting your marriage application license if need be, and will set up a good day and time that best fits your schedule to discuss detail of your big day. I will work with each couple and will go over the outline  and walk through of the ceremony.

I also like to help with  offering  weddings scripts to the wedding couple so you can see which one you like best. If any changes are needed to the script we can definitely change it. I like to set up monthly phone calls to see if there are any new update or questions.

They will be a contract each couple will receive to look over and sign . My Accomplishment I to make your day special.

Each couple is different & unique, I begin by setting up a good time and day that works with the couple to go over details of the big day. We will go over the time frame of the ceremony, I will send them 4-5 wedding scripts for each couple to look over and pick the best script for their day.

If need be I will help with the marriage application to obtain the couple’s marriage license as well.